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   Guangzhou SPACE solution Technology Co., Ltd. is a branch office in China set up by Korea SPACE solution founded in 2003 and one of the permanent channels of Siemens Korea. Korea SPACE solution's annual sales has become 30 billion won (about 170 million yuan) of medium-sized solution companies, It has an abundant experience in manufacturing lifecycle management (PLM) fields. Customers are mainly Samsung Electronics & Electric, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motor, Doosan Heavy Industries, Korean Air and other SMEs in South Korea, in order to provide CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM-related technical services and support .

   From the beginning, Company has paid attention to training the core competitiveness of enterprises, NX second development team developed the mold design solution T-MOLD and T-EDM by using C/C++ language which is only successful in Korea, these solutions already occupied most of the enterprise applications for mold design up to more than 100 companies in Korea. In the rapid development of mold today, enterprises in China have demanded mold design solution more and more in order to save time for mold design and reduce design errors. T-MOLD and T-EDM were developed for satisfying these two requirements of customers, These solutions have proven 50% of saving time for mold design and 95% of reducing design errors through hundreds of companies in Korea.

   T-EST solution is launched impressively in 2016 which is the world's first full 3D mold Automated Quotation solution, T-EST has accumulated experiences and overcomed many difficulties since 2011, finally been developed to solve the traditional quotation method which has big inaccuracy, material waste and irrationality in manufacturing cost to make mold. T-EST automates the calculation full 3D design, manufacturing, assembly and all other relevant process to make a mold then quotation also reflects all logic. T-EST is applied for quotation to make injection, casting, foam and rubber mold, through verification of LG, KD Navien, KUMNUNG in Korea, the inaccuracy allowance is only : ±5%. T-EST can make the company standardize for estimate, improve the transparency of tooling costs then operating profit will be predictable. Additionally, we have a very strong technical team for Siemens PLM, can provide customers with tailor-made solutions. We are hoping to call us to ask.

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